“I am the wife of a former professional baseball player. Released provides a candid look into the development of the Christ centered ministry of UPI to the community of professional baseball. Tom Roy does an outstanding job of depicting the culture of baseball and its need for Jesus! As someone who has been there and lived through it…I can tell you he has hit a home run! His openness in the book is refreshing. He holds nothing back as he tells the story of spreading the gospel of Jesus throughout the world using the vehicle of baseball. After reading this book you will feel fired up and want to discover more about the ministry of UPI and where it is going in the future. His passion and humor are contagious and he really makes you believe that its “Great to be Alive and God is in Control”!

“This book is a testimony of what happens when someone is faithful and surrenders their ego and plans.

If you are looking for name-dropping and elbow-rubbing and inside stories from baseball, you won’t find it in this book. From a humble basement office with barely a telephone and a card table, UPI has grown into an international ministry that’s reaching people on almost every continent and gaining remarkable favor throughout.

It’s also a story about man, his family and his teammates and how they’ve grown through the struggles of ministry.

It’s written to document the stories, the people and moves of God. But each page has a underlying lesson about spiritual living and leadership that challenge you to investigate your own life and impact.”

“Released – A Story of God’s Power is a fantastic book. As an outsider of baseball life, it’s interesting to read of the hard work that goes into the life of a baseball player and not necessarily the life of mega bucks and materialism. The personality and humor of Tom shines thru the words and his determination to tell of God’s Word thru the ministry of Unlimited Potential to reach all people thru baseball is challenging for anyone intersted in advancing His kingdom.
The book looks and feels first class and I would highly recommend this book to anyone in all walks of life.”  Pam

“Got the books!  I couldn’t put it down!” MLB wife