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To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this letter to all those who are interested in pursuing Tom Roy for teaching and ministering at your church. I have known Tom for over 6 years and have been blessed by his humble heart. Tom is a man of integrity that loves God’s Word and pursues the opportunity to pour it into others. I have the utmost confidence in Tom’s heart for God and responsibility when teaching. I have used Tom for chapels and ministry opportunities and will continue to call on him in the future. I believe that your church or event will not only be blessed by his heart for God but challenged by his teaching. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Sincerely yours,

Troy Murphy Lead Pastor and Green Bay Packer Chaplain


To whom it may concern:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom Roy for nearly 30 years and value his friendship immensely. Whether it is serving on a mission’s trip, running a baseball camp, or conversing in one-on-one interaction, Tom has the unique ability to completely engage his audience and keep their attention throughout his time. He is an outstanding motivator, one who puts a great deal of thought regarding who is audience is and what their needs are at that current time.

Tom came up to Michigan State to speak to our team last spring, and his talk on motivation and leadership was exactly what we were looking for. He used humor, pointed examples, and current factual information to keep our players attention; and I know our players remembered what he had to say for quite some time. In short, he had a lasting impact on our team and I would have him back on campus in a heartbeat.

Tom Roy would be an outstanding speaker for any event and if you have the chance to get him, by all means do it. You will not be disappointed!


Jake Boss

Head Baseball Coach

Michigan State University


When it comes to an engaging opportunity to hear from God and His Word, you’ll not be disappointed by having Tom Roy on your agenda. Tom has been a featured speaker at two Chaplains Roundtable Conferences, one in Indianapolis and one in Lansing, Michigan. Each time I have had attendees express their appreciation for Tom’s unique way of communicating God’s grace and mercy. You feel immediately drawn in and engaged with the message. I highly recommend Tom Roy for any opportunity you may have for him to present the truth and compassion of our Lord and the Scriptures.

For Him Alone,
Bill Houston
Chaplains Roundtable Ministry

To Whom This May Concern:

Tom Roy is a true blessing! He has been a blessing in my life since I met him at the NCCAAWorld Series in 2010. From that time, he has helped me to learn more about my walk with Jesus Christ and my sports ministry calling.

Tom Roy came to speak at Judson University for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in November 2010 and did a phenomenal job. He had the student’s attention from the beginning with what he had to say. His testimony spoke to our athletes and how God worked in his life through athletics. He was real and he was personable. His story made an. impact on our students.

My time with Tom Roy was appreciated as he listened to what I had to say about my ministry and what God put on my heart. He told me story after story of how God provided in his life in ministry and encouraged me to keep seeking what God had put on my heart.

I would bring Tom Roy back to Judson and speak again. His words were wise and encouraging!

Adam P. Ledyard
Judson University
Assistant Athletic Director External Relations


Tom Roy, founder and president of UPI (Unlimited Potential Inc.) spoke at CMU Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) on Wednesday, November 5th from 7:30-9:00pm. Tom did a phenomenal job speaking and was able to engage with many of our students. Tom brought an energy and excitement to our group that was able to encourage them to become disciples of Christ. Tom shared great personal experiences and Scripture to help our students see what it is like to be a Christian Athlete in the world today. We are incredibly grateful for Tom traveling to us to speak and we are eagerly awaiting his next speaking opportunity at CMU FCA. Tom Roy is a great blessing to our ministry and we praise God for him and his willingness to do great works in the name of the Lord.

To Whom it May Concern:

It is my pleasure to publically recommend Tom Roy as a speaker for ANY organization.

I had the pleasure of reading Tom’s book, RELEASED, and I was excited about his approach of tying in baseball to the gospel. I then had the pleasure of meeting Tom at the NCCAA World Series. I am blessed to have had this opportunity.

Tom spoke to our team twice, and his message was powerful. It was both spiritual and motivational. My players and coaching staff loved it. There is no way that my words can express how great it was.

Tom, thank you!!

Kirk Kelley

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Director of Athletics and Head Baseball Coach


To Whom It May Concern;

It is with great pleasure that I write to you on behalf of Tom Roy (UPI) and the great impact he has had on our campus through his sharing.

I have known and worked with Tom for four years regarding different speaking engagements both on our campus and in the community.  I have found him and his speaking ability to have a great impact on those who have heard his share.

Tom spoke for the 2010 NCCAA Women’s DI Basketball Championship we hosted this past March and has shared with many of our athletic programs.  He has the ability to connect with the audience and share a message with great passion.  His approach is very welcoming to anyone listening and he articulates his faith in a very positive way.

I recommend Tom Roy for any speaking engagement regardless of audience.  The Grace College athletic department has been very blessed to work with Tom for many years.  If I can answer any further questions regarding Tom, please feel free to contact me.


Chad Briscoe

Director of Athletics

Grace College

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Tom Roy spoke to my Grace College, Millennial College Academy (MSA) students about ‘Raw’ Leadership.  These out of state students have opportunitie to explore real life examples of leadership and leadership principles. Tom is an outstanding speaker and spoke about ‘Raw’ leadership in a way that kept everyone’s attention, he was humorous using real life stories, incorporating scripture, and captivating the audience all thru the glory of God. Tom genuinely cares about his audience and brings his teaching to a level that everyone seems to understand and learn from.  God has blessed Tom with incredible talent as a speaker and a leader and we are so thankful that we had the opportunity to hear his testimony.

Heidi Miller

Grace College & Seminary

Associate Director, Job Development

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Tom Roy has served as chaplain for the NCCAA World Series since 1990. His heart felt concern for coaches, student-athletes and, people in general, is infectious. It would be impossible to place a value on the time and compassion he has given to the thousands of players and coaches who have been blessed by his service.

Tom’s ability to use his background in professional baseball when sharing how God has led him to this point in his walk, captures any age group. He will keep the attention of those who are blessed to hear him speak with humor and real life applications.

As a friend and colleague, I would highly recommend him to any church, Christian school, civic group, or corporate meeting planner. You will not be disappointed!

Dan Wood

Executive Director


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One of Tom Roy’s best attributes as a speaker—and you don’t find this in many others—is that the manner in which he communicates makes people feel like he cares just as much for who he is addressing as he does for what he is saying. That is, Tom’s style is very personal and relational. Because of this, he is able to effectively communicate to varied and diverse audiences on a broad range of topics. Further, Tom has a great sense of humor, he is a very informed individual, and he has a passion for excellence. Without hesitation would I recommend that a group select Tom as its speaker.

Jeff Zurcher arington foundation

Executive Director

The Arington Foundation

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Today Tom Roy spoke to the entire student body at Lakeland Christian Academy in a chapel service. To say his presentation was excellent is an understatement. To be able to hold Jr. High and High school students on the edge of their seats as he shared his testimony and his views on life was a rare sight to see.
He is a truly gifted speaker. He kept the students engaged and listening. I loved his take on “Intent vs Impact” and “Accident vs Incident. I even heard the students use lessons that they learned from Coach Roy that very afternoon. I would encourage anyone reading this testimonial to schedule Tom immediately. God Bless. Scott Wiley, Director of Development, Lakeland Christian Academy.

Mr. Tom Roy is an outstanding Christian who communicates strongly the needed message of being thoroughly devoted to Christ. He is a “man’s man” who shares from his real-life experiences (with a background in sports) about how to be committed to Christ wherever God has placed you. You will be encouraged and challenged to give yourself 100% to God through his words and personal testimony.

Rev. Gale A. Janofski

Pastor: Warsaw Wesleyan Church