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Tom Roy is the President and Founder of UPI. After a very brief time in the S.F. Giants organization, Tom went on to a career in radio, taking his first job in West Virginia. Shortly after that he felt the call of God to pursue a college degree and enrolled at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN. Upon completion of that degree he took a head baseball coaching job at a local high school for 3 years. He continued in that profession, coaching also at the college level for 9 years.

In 1979 God put UPI on Tom and Carins hearts. In 1980 the ministry became a reality. Tom ministered to players thru chapels, in camps and clincs for 28 years. He has had the honor to serve Christ through UPI in many venues, including speaking and conducting clinics in over 60 countries.

Tom and Carin reside in Winona Lake, Indiana and have two daughters, Amy and Lindsay, and 6 grandchildren (Hannah, Luke, Faith, Tommy, Sam and Lainey).

In January of 2008 he assumed the role of President/Founder and now finds himself working with the Advancement of the ministry as well as staying in contact with “UPI alumni” and caring for ballplayers through counseling.


Mr. Tom Roy is an outstanding Christian who communicates strongly the needed message of being thoroughly devoted to Christ. He is a “man’s man” who shares from his real-life experiences (with a background in sports) about how to be committed to Christ wherever God has placed you.
You will be encouraged and challenged to give yourself 100% to God through his words and personal testimony.

Rev. Gale A. Janofski
Pastor: Warsaw Wesleyan Church

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